Nowadays, people don’t want to waste their valuable time by shopping. Everyone expects their products to be delivered to the doorstep. Right from the pandemic situation the entrepreneurs are facing trouble inflow of the business, as a result, the online business is booming. The online business is giving hope to start a new online business or by implementing their business online.

Fancy clone is a multi-vendor eCommerce script that helps to start a business. Entrepreneurs can add products and the users can buy easily. This eCommerce script helps the user to get products on the doorstep without making much effort. multi-vendor eCommerce is one of the most successful and revenue-yielding businesses.

In this blog, we are going to know how to boost revenue using enlightened features. Trioangle builds the application with the below-mentioned options, let us go through the blog to know about the revenue-boosting features.

Factors Helpful for Ramping in Revenue Growth Rate 

There are some outstanding properties that help to engage users to increase the revenue rate and they are explained below.

  • Showing the product price directly will help the users to compare with other products’ prices and make a wise decision. The direct showing of discounts grabs the customer’s attention quickly. This increases the revenue rate. 
  • By providing categories of products will help the customer to purchase the exact product he is in need of. This allows the user to save time by not searching for a long time and can select the product quickly.
  • Once the user orders the product, we give updates regarding the package and tracking details which will satisfy the customer to the extent.
  • The customer can add the product he likes to the wishlist which helps the user to order fast in the future without comparing multiple products.
  • The vendor and user can contact each other through the application this will reduce the misunderstanding of the product which is ordered by the user.
  • The users can easily change their address in the application so that they can get delivery from the desired address.

These kinds of features will definitely impress the users and will help to make more revenue.

Supporting Features Our Fancy Clone to Scale Up Revenue 

Easy Login and Signup: 

In the Fancy clone app, Multiple users can log in and signup through their social media accounts, this reduces the time of users which need not require filling in all the details. The admin also has a specific user Id and password. This acts as a user-friendly dashboard.

Multi-vendor Script:

Multiple merchants can add their products for listing on their own, with the use of a multi-vendor platform vast amounts of products can be sold by the merchants. This helps the seller to sell their product easily and increase sales.

Advanced Search and Filter:

The users can search the products they need in the application, this helps to search the specific product. Using the filter option, the user can select a specific brand by applying the filter option. This helps to buy the brand which the user likes.

Social Media Sharing:

Social media is a place where a larger network of people connects. By sharing the product on the social media platform will definitely reach more popularity of the product and will make the sales process easier.

Unique Designs:

eCommerce script has its own and unique designs that attract the buyers while shopping which tempts the user to surf on multi-vendor platforms that catch up the users to buy multiple products.

Promotion Codes:

The Multi-vendor platforms will be provided with offers and the admin can generate coupon codes to increase the business. By providing coupon codes, many users get attracted to it and purchase the products immediately.

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This blog clearly explains the features which help to boost the revenue of the multi-vendor marketplace. Trioangle designs the application in a way to satisfy the user. It can be customizable as per the needs of the entrepreneur so getting an application developed by Trioangle will be highly effective. To know more about us contact us at [email protected] or WhatsApp +91 6379630152. Visit us on: