E-commerce is a business to buy and sell things on the internet platform. This network helps people to buy and sell things without any constraint of time and distance. E-commerce is the best platform for entrepreneurs to start a new business. 

              In E-commerce, most of the transaction happens online. There is still a lot of growth opportunity in these markets as buyers are still shifting from offline purchasers to digital buyers. The top Entrepreneur in the world chooses their platform in E-commerce for their success.

              Fancy is a social E-commerce marketplace where you can choose your unique lifestyle goods. It allows the user to engage in socially oriented shopping through picture feeds and sharing. Fancy deserves its unique features and designs. It has thousands of stores, millions of products with multiple technologies.

Spiffy – fancy clone

              Spiffy – fancy clone script from Trioange technologies. It is the best E-commerce business platform with unique features and designs like fancy. It can be customized to use in all sorts of E-commerce services. It bridges the gap between service providers and users in all services. We provide the best concepts for entrepreneurs to have the trending features of E-commerce scripts.

Enlightening Features In The Spiffy            

Multiple SignUp / LogIn :                        

              Users can sign up/log in via Gmail & Email or Social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Apple Id. Easier to signup/login options.

Advanced Search & Filter :                   

              Buyer can find their products easily from a wide range of products by applying filters. Based on the size, category, name of the product, and price.

Unique Feature Like Fancy :

              Spiffy has extra unique designs and features like fancy. Entrepreneurs easily start the E-commerce business with our Spiffy-Fancy clone. 

Multi-Vendor Script :                    

              Multi-vendor script is the success model in the E-commerce business. It allows multiple vendors to sell their products, where buyers can buy different categories of products.

Follow Seller/User/store :                

              The users can follow the stores and sellers to have current updates of the latest products. With the use of the activity option, merchants and admin can track their buyers.  

User-Friendly Merchant Panel :                

              Merchants can easily add their products and keep track of their products. The total products, total sales, view orders, sales details, etc. 

Social Media Sharing :                

              Users can share their favorite products on social media. Everyone can see the product and its details.

Why You Choose Trioangle :                 

              We give you the best web and mobile application to develop your business and improve your sales graph. We give 100% source code & free app submission and upgrade the latest features and technologies to our clients.                 

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