The eCommerce has a great tread in the last decade and till now is continues the fame all around the world and explore the splendid services to all customer. The online platform having eCommerce as a boon device to develop a great source.

We are living in the exciting times, where digital items are becoming smarter and advanced by day after day. To raise a toast to such innovations in this sector and for all the eCommerce entrepreneurs who inspire us, here I am going to explicit an online eCommerce software from the Trioangle industry experts!

Regarding Spiffy – Online Shopping Script

Spiffy is one of the revamp Best eCommerce software from the Fancy with Multi-vendor and Best Social eCommerce features. Spiffy is a best eCommerce clone script which allows users to engage in social media to do shopping in eCommerce site through picture feeds and sharing. This script is a Single platform which allows a multi-vendor to sell their product in minutes and use that particular store page as their own website.

In an eCommerce Concept, a multi-vendor which means allowing vendors to create their profile online and offers them a platform to sell their products to their customers spread across the globe. Spiffy also offers the same functionality through its trending and best multi-vendor eCommerce clone script. Using Spiffy – free fancy clone you can list your own products in your own store to start making money instantly by selling it online

Let’s see its features in Spiffy Fancy Clone

Features Of Spiffy


The craft of application of Spiffy available in native languages of both in iOS & Android to provide the lightweight script.

Super and Advanced Search:

Users can avoid the hassle of scrolling through the product. For that, the quick search option is available on the application to have a sophisticated search.

Social Activity:

All activities connected with a user can be viewed and look over it in one place.

Add Favorites:

The user can set-up their favorites one available on the website for future use.


The merchant gets notifications, whenever the user sent comments, likes the products and following the merchant web store.

Social Media Sharing:

The buyers can share their favorite product with others through the social media account.

Admin User-Friendly Dashboard:

A simplistic and interactive dashboard helps to view the overall performance of the system and check over the activity of both the merchant and the user An overview of the business can be monitored and accessed easily through a single panel.

Multi-vendor eCommerce script:

Merchants can promote their products or more exclusive collections of stuff to show up on their website section to the customer application.

Utmost benefits of the Spiffy are multiple languages, multiple currencies, multiple product categories, multiple upload environment, SEO friendly site, round clock service, search product. These are the standard and unchangeable features by the Spiffy – Multi-vendor clone script. Spiffy is an appropriate site for best online business software to all individuals. To accomplish a business your with the stunning brand and sparkling to running in no time, hits up to develops and elevate as much as higher with Spiffy.

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