We are in the final phase of 2021 and it is time to welcome 2022 with new ideas. A big spotlight on Ecommerce has been observed in the last 2 years. So, the number of startups in the Ecommerce industry has increased. Wish to be your startup in one among? No worries.

This blog lists out the best features to meet the top trends while designing the opt platforms. We all know that Amazon Clone is a familiar script in real-time. Initially, awareness about the trends that govern the Ecommerce industry is necessary. Let’s have a quick look at them. 

2022 Trends to be Expected in Ecommerce Industry

After the arrival of e-platforms, Ecommerce has turned into a big marketplace where consumers will spend greater than 933 bn USD in 2021. This is 15% of the total retail sales. Sales percentage is expected to rise 24% in 2025. Among the entire sales pie, this percentage increase is going to be a significant one.

Online Sales Growth- Comfort and ease of shopping are getting familiar after the pandemic. The things purchased via these platforms are many, groceries, kitchen accessories, goods, etc.

Social-Media Influence- Social media plays an important role to make a solid online presence for your business. Around 295 million users prefer social platforms for their purchases. So companies spend a heavy amount to reach them perfectly. Statista predicts that social Ecommerce revenue attains 46 bn USD in 2022. 

More Than One-Time Purchases– Repetitive purchases are the major expectations from the startup owners. To bring the customers in a repetitive manner, offers, subscription plans are to be enabled in the application. 

Customized to Needs- The business model always undergoes big changes periodically as per trends. Custom models are highly preferred by the customers as well as the vendors. 

M-Commerce Platform- M-commerce platforms like Fancy clone are getting familiar with current user requirements. They take the business in a new direction and attract a huge range of customers perfectly. 

Multi-channels- The payment and the services offered are turned to be multivariate. Payment modes are also diverse and hence instant payment is possible.

Trends may change the Ecommerce industry in many ways. Keeping the business model updated with respect to the trends is an essential thing. Trioangle will provide you the trendy platform 

Best Features to Make You Trendy Business Owner in 2022

To make you a trendy business owner in 2022 in the Ecommerce industry, Trioangle develops the Amazon Clone or Fancy Clone that includes the best features as follows. 

Revenue-Driven Tactics

The metrics like the discounts and any offers directly included in the app bring new customers. This assures the guarantee of high revenue. Also, the smart workflow brings real satisfaction to the customers and this drives more revenue. 

Social-Media Integration

We know the influence of social media in Ecommerce. Hence, the integration of social media profiles into the app allows the customers to form a community of like-minded people. Further, This makes your online presence stable and long-term. 

Subscription Plans

The subscription option inside the app turns the one-time customers into repetitive ones. Also, the repetitive purchase turns the business into customer-centric. Consideration of this feature may turn your business into a trendy one and attract new customers. 


Customization plays a major role to keep the business model for the long term. Either the new feature, business model update, or the changes all are handled with respect to the current trends. Techno-experts from Trioangle customizing the app as per the familiar trends. 

Fit Mobile App

We all know that Mcommerce turns out to be an emerging platform that includes many user-friendly features to make your business trendy. Mobile apps can be a best-fit platform for current scenarios. Trioangle provides a best-fit mobile app that takes your business to a new level. 

Multi-Services List

Showcase of services in a single window allows the customers to select the service as per the need. Also, the vendors who offer the services also have the benefits to show them in an attractive manner. Multiservices is a single window that brings more appointments from the customer side and thus high revenue can be achieved. 

Digital Payment Gateways

Payment gateways attached to the app allow the customers to pay the fee smartly while purchasing. The payment received by the vendors through this platform is of a digital nature. Hence, keeping the record in digital format ensures high accuracy as well as transparency.  

Wrapping Up

To enter into the Ecommerce industry, developing a perfect Ecommerce Script is a trendy task. Trends that are emerging in the field are more as listed in this blog. An updated business model related to the trends is an essential thing. 

Trioangle provides you with a trendy application with the best features in this blog too. Wish to play a unique role in the competitive landscape? Book a consultation with us via the following modes.

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