Rental is a familiar business and frumpy method. Revolution happen in this field led to the new platform in the form of online rental. The online rental get a famous fame towards the people. The mainstream is guest (travelers) are more flexible with these service by experiencing the service with low cost when compared to a high price hotel. Several peer – peer accommodation networks have risen now, but Airbnb stands at first choice of vacation rental platform to assimilate. 

Have an intention to start business like Airbnb? Technical parameter is very important one for business beginning. We do that for our client so don’t bother about that. This blog will show the best Airbnb clone script for your online vacational business inauguration. Now it available with christmas and New Year offer (Till -> Jan 5)

Why i suggest clone script? Because it is cost efficient, instantly you can startup your business and also time saving process. These three things are major for any business startup and also don’t worry about functionality because the core features of Airbnb is exactly in the Airbnb clone – Makent also.

Makent is the best Airbnb clone script because we are staying in this field for more than 4 years. We frequently update our Makent product so that our script can highly cope up with the prominent product like Airbnb. We support the best entrepreneur in this field from various countries. And you ever get this type of service from any company. Let’s feel the difference come and shake hand with us. 

Lets dive into workflow of Airbnb clone – Makent,

Airbnb clone – Makent encompasees host, guest & admin panel. A host can list property -> Room/apartment for rent and have to fill the details while listing such as basic details about property, location, amenities, photos, videos and detailed description. Guest can book the appropriate property by choosing the location and have to mention the check in & check out date, number of guests. The search result will be displayed according to the guest preference. In this business model host can become guest and guest can become host.  Using this business model users (both guest and host) can list and book the property in single panel. 

Revenue Generation: 

Airbnb clone receive commision from the two source on every booking namely host and guest.  After that host gets his share inclusive of site fee deduction. This how Airbnb clone script earning through this process. 

Thanks for reading this blog. Meet you soon as our client. 

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