Have you ever wondered about what it takes for the sharing economies to prosper or come into action? For instance, Airbnb doesn’t have hotels / single rooms of its own. But it has a net worth of USD $ 11.1 billion as of December 2020. Interesting right?. This makes professionals to find the right peer-to-peer rental marketplace in the rental industry. 

This is all possible with peer-to-peer rental marketplace software. Yes, it is indeed true! The new startups or the greatest sharing websites are working because of the harmonious relationship it divides among the providers and the clients.

Trioangle Technologies provides the best airbnb clone script which can be customized dynamically for any of your rental business.Peer to peer rental marketplace

What is a Peer – to – Peer rental marketplace ?

Peer – to – Peer rental Marketplace is the one where the Providers and the clients use a platform that provides economic benefits and value to their business. Rental Marketplace is the challenging one at the starting stage. It requires a fine developed technologies software and application that is used to provide a faster and efficient service, and providing a powerful customer experience.

Top features of Peer – to – Peer rental marketplace 

Admin Panel

Admin Panel allows the Marketplace admins (owners) to configure the settings, default pricing, seasonal pricing, commission fee from the space / property providers, service fee from the users / clients, and manage the various functions of the rental marketplace business.

iCal Sync 

Hotel / property owners who have listed their space / property on the Airbnb clone script can manage their booking dates with icalendar sync. Similarly they can remove the sync, import, and export the calendar.

Pricing Rules

Hotel / property owners can use various pricing rules for their property like early bird, minimum and maximum stay, length of stay discount options. These features will help space providers to attract users / clients with offers.

Advanced Search Option

Peer to peer rental marketplace needs to help it’s guests to find the property of their choice easily with advanced search & filter options. Guests / Users can search their property by location, duration of stay, number of clients occupying, room type, and price.

Listing Approval

The software and application shows their reliability with verified users, approved listing. Thus the connected users / guests are not disappointed with any of the bookings.

Ratings & Reviews

Ratings and Reviews is the trending and most wanted feature of all online businesses to increase security. By using this review from previous guests, the property owners can attract the attention of new guests easily. You get the best Airbnb clone with the features mentioned above. 

Revenue models form the basement for a peer to peer rental marketplace software. Learn about the business models here. Building a marketplace is an iterative process and the owner should launch the marketplace before it is 100% ready so that there is always time to make changes based on the feedback from the providers and the users.

Airbnb Clone Script can be customized for any rental business. Rental market place can be customised to any of the rental business choices of the business owners. For example, Equipment rental, Storage rental, Kids toy rental, Medical needs rental and much more.

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