In this busy schedule, people have less time to manage household requirements. To obtain all services and products in one application the Gojek clone is used. Imagine using a single application instead of multiple applications to get services and products, this sounds good, right?


Instead of using separate applications for each and every service, the Gojek clone application enables the customer to get all online services in a single application. This also provides the customer with doorstep services.


In this blog, we are going to know how Gojek clone becomes an all-round service provider with standout features. Trioangle builds the application with the below-mentioned features. Let’s go through the blog to know more about it.


Online Presence-A Key Metric for Global Service Landscape


In this digital world most of the people use social media, so creating a community in social media platforms will increase the number of users to get attracted to the Gojek clone application. Trioangle provides licensed and white-labeled solutions that help the service provider to customize the application as per their wish for the development of the business and increase the revenue.


Trioangle’s Factors to Make You Stand Out


All-Service Template: To get products and services people had to navigate around multiple applications. This led to the development of the Gojek application which decreased the customer effort to purchase services and products effortlessly by using a single application. The Gojek clone application offers multiple orders under one roof.


Customer Boostup Options: People are not new to using online applications for gaining services and products, so getting multiple services in a single application makes the customers get good opinions from customers, as it makes shopping easier without using numerous applications.


Social Service Community: By forming communities in social media platforms will definitely increase the number of users, as the social media platform acts as a medium for advertisement, which attracts numerous customers who use social media platforms. The social media platform is an easy way for advertising with less effort.


Service Record History: The history of the products and services gained through the application can be viewed. By using the filter option the service or product provided at a specific time period can be viewed to compare the prices or to check the product and services purchased.


Go Beyond With Our Gojek Clone


Track Service Provider: The customer is enabled with an option to track the service provider to know the status of the service or product booked by the user. This helps the customer to allocate the time for receiving products and services. The customer can also change the date of receiving the service or product if they are not available on the specified day of delivery.


Seamless Payment Option: The Gojek application is enabled with multiple payment methods, as the customer can do payment as per their convenience. The customer can pay through debit cards, credit cards, online payment methods, or cash on delivery. The multiple payment methods help the customer to buy products and pay easily as per their wish.


Selective Service Provider: The Gojek clone application enables the customer to select the service provider, based on their reviews and ratings. This helps the customer to receive quality service and products. The service providers are well trained to provide the best service to the customers.


Location-Based Service Suggestions: The customers using the Gojek clone application will be given suggestions about the services provided. This helps the customer to get services within their circle of location. This provides service in a very less time period and the service provider can find the location easily.


Customization: customization helps to implement the own ideas of the service provider in the application for the growth of the business. Trioangle is 100% customizable which will be more useful for the service provider. The main motive of every business is revenue yielding, to gain revenue we have to be unique to attract more users.


Trioangle offers a licensed and white-labeled solution for you, with numerous features. We have well-skilled developers who help to achieve a perfect application and manage all the functions and processes smoothly which yields revenue. Trioangle provides users with 24/7 support during pre and post-app launches. To know more about us contact us on,


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