Today in people’s daily life mobile applications are an integral part.  Life has been made amazingly easy by the application on our smartphones. The on-demand home service app helps to access almost everything we need in our life. At the few button clicks the on-demand platform UrbanClap Clone App that gives the users access to thousands of trusted professionally experienced and verified service providers available in the local surrounding areas. By providing the premium business models to both the service provider and the users the UrbanClap have captured a peak position in the marketplace.

Why Build An UrbanClap Clone App?

Saves Time:

The user can easily use the extensive filter search option to hire the professional service provider listed in the application. Which will save time for the users in spending extra time to choose listing in detail.


Extensive safety checks are made in such an app as in UrbanClap. Because the listed professionals are already hand-picked with all types of verification made before with their submitted documents.

Multiple Payment Options:

The application is offered multiple payment options to make an online payment for the service provider by the users. This payment option will be a more convenient and safe method.

Local Audience Are Targeted:

The vendors can easily offer the services to their users in need locally, by the on-demand service provider app like the UrbanClap app.

Personalized Service Experience:

The On-demand app like UrbanClap Clone App will collect users data to help their service providers as well as their existing users.

Flexible Service:

The users and customers will experience the comfort of the on-demand UrbanClap App’s flexibility.   Because the user can schedule their appointment for their required service as per their convenience and the professional service providers can able to accept or reject the appointment based on their availability.

Building Network: 

To build a great user network by the professional with the UrbanClap type app’s offering additional features like referrals.

Working Facets Of UrbanClap Clone App

User End:

The user is allowed to order the required specific service by the user’s app panel. The user can download and register into the UrbanClap Clone App and select the service they required. Users can choose the service by scheduling the date and time of the service to be done. The user can make an online payment with the integrated payment option available in the app and can also make a direct payment to the service provider. Users can also able to submit feedback and rating on the completed service by the service provider.

Service Provider End:

The service provider’s app panel is different from the user’s app panel by the UrbanClap App. The service appointment made from the user-end will be notified to the service provider as a push notification. The appointment can be rejected or accepted by the professional service provider. Once they accept the appoint the notification of the service will be notified to both the users and the service providers. Then the service provider can make a move to do a job on the scheduled time, date and location.

UrbanClap Clone Revenue Model

As utilization like other marketplaces, a simple revenue model works by the UrbanClap Clone App these days. To earn some extra bucks into your account you need to plan a revenue related implementation during the discussion with the mobile app developer team in the experienced mobile application development company. A leveraged two revenue models being in the UrbanClap are we going to discuss below.

Fixed Charges Or Commission Based Charges:

The commission’s fixed amount can be earned from the professionals earning through the app, which is revenue earned by the UrbanClap. On using the in-app payment method a certain fixed commission will be detected and the remaining amount will be sent back to the professional service provider.

Sponsored Listing:

To show in the top search result for the photographers, yoga instructors, fitness trainers, etc. By utilizing the listing ad on the mobile application with sponsorship to get leads. This is a separate way of revenue generation from the other third party service providing businesses.


Every major and minor task is needed for mobile applications because of people’s engagement over smartphones. The On-Demand App like UrbanClap Clone App allows every person to reach professionals who are ready to provide a service on the doorstep, which is just by few wipes on the smartphone. Develop Your own unique On-demand app with the best mobile application development company Trioangle Technologiesto be a step ahead of your competitors in the industry.

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