Now, “Amazon ‘’ has become the buzzword of the peopleIt’s going to hong its wing much wider on its services. Yeah, it’s about Amazon’s food delivery in India that is finally reaching an end.

Yup, we are going to perceive the huge food war battle between the top players like Swiggy, Zomato, & Amazon.

Wow, this news is going to blaze the floor of the food delivery start-up.

Let’s read further,

After the Swiggy, UberEats, and Zomato, Amazon is set up into their food delivery services in India. They are going to launch their service from March onwards.

We already know that Amazon is a big tech-colossal. Almost, they tend to produce huge plans on behalf of the user-based services to promote their business frames much effectively.

On these changes, you may see that Swiggy and Zomato will cut their discount prices and tighten their cost structures. I think this will be a big perplexity for all.

On the Amazon starting up the stage, they are going to test the business growth in Bangalore. But one interesting note is that Swiggy’s headquarter is also in Bangalore.

Though, we know that Swiggy & Zomato are 10 Years old start-ups that even acquired UberEats in January. Which made sensational news in January. I deem, we are going to have a surprise in a few months. Yeah, let’s wait and watch the result.