The last few decades have become more digitized and fast-evolving. 

If you were told decades, that someday you would be able to operate a business digitally, without seeing the customer or the vendor. 

Would you have believed it!

Before I tell you about the Amazon clone script, you must be informed about the market giant. Amazon has revolutionized the field and has been called the earthshine of the business era.

Their current operating income as of 2021 is 24.879 billion USD and generates a revenue of 469.822 billion USD with 16 million people operating globally. 

Now, you have been given the performance statistics of amazon in the current market. So, what should you know about amazon clone script to evolve your idea into a business? 

Trioangle Technology is a pioneer in building on-demand scripts for customers in a ready-to-use way with monetizing features to manage the multi-vendor marketplace effectively. 

Now, I’m going to give you all the information you need to know about our Amazon clone script from Trioangle called Cliqbuy.

About Our Amazon Clone Script:

Our script is ready to use, well developed, and robust to manage your marketplace. It includes a lot of features that make it easy to use and track performances. So, let me list out the features in detail along with functions that can be performed. The 3 main panels that you need for your script are;

  1. Admin panel
  2. Merchant panel
  3. User panel

Let me describe them in detail so that you will be intrigued to use them once you know about it.

  1. Admin Panel:

By using this panel, the admin can control everything the script can perform with its features.


Gives an overview of the performance of the products, orders, product category, and other merchant metrics to identify the performance of products and where to focus on and implement new strategies to boost product sales.

Manage Admin

This feature controls and helps set up the number of admins and the roles and permissions that they come under. The admin can determine who else can be the admin and what they can do with their powers.

Manage Products

This feature has the control over adding new products, view of all the products in the app, inhouse products (the products the admin owns), merchant products, bulk import, bulk export, and product reviews. Admin can determine the products that he\she wants and has selected for the business or can even add new ones in case he\ she needs one.

Manage Reports

Reports like in-house, merchant, products stock, products wishlist, user searches, and the commission partnership between the admin and the merchant.

Manage Promotions

This section of the panel helps the admin to take control of the flash deals, newsletters that have to be sent to the customer, subscribers, and coupons for the day’s sale. This helps the admin to do internal promotions like managing the flash deals and other promotion options rather than using or waiting for someone’s help for the process

  1. Merchant Panel:

This panel can be used by the merchant to view and analyze the performance of the products he\she has listed in the Amazon clone script.


Gives an overview of the performance of the site like Products, Total sales, Earnings, Successful orders, Orders, Products, Shop, Payment. This data can be used by the admin to control and enhance the performance of the product or merchant and implement new strategies.


The merchant can add new products through this and can also view the list of his products on the site with its price. This helps the merchant to control the list of products that are being displayed at the customer end.

Payment History

The payments that have been completed and the mode of payment can be viewed in this feature. Merchants can see if the payment is successful and can keep an account of the transactions that are being completed.

  1. User panel:

This is the main page for the user where they can view, search and order products based on their interests and preferences. 

Multiple registration options

This gives the user a variety of options they can use to sign up for the platform. They can use platforms like Google, Facebook, and Apple login options.

Refined Search and Filter Option

The search option provided has different filters that the user can use to identify the right product. The user can search any product within the product range available using different filter options to identify the particular product they need.


Users can add a product to their wishlist that they find suitable for purchase and can use it to order later at their convenience. The user can also add the product to this rather than purchasing it at a single visit and setting it as a reminder for later purchases.


Using the buy option, the user can purchase the product that they prefer with different payment options available in the script. With different payment options, the user can easily complete the transactions through different mediums if required.

These are the features and options that have been built into our amazon clone script and I hope you feel like giving it a try. 

Since I have told you about how our Amazon clone script works, I should also tell you the benefits that come with it.

Benefits of our Amazon clone Script:

  • Free Server Installation
  • Free App Submission
  • Free Bug Support
  • On-time Support
  • 100% source code
  • Support After App Rejection
  • Free Technical Support
  • Free White Labeling
  • Responsive Site 

These are the benefits that we provide with our Amazon clone script that you can enjoy as the business owner and manage the multi-vendor marketplace effectively. Wish to become a classy marketplace owner? Click below links for more details. 


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