Ecommerce scripts have been used by many individuals to make them entrepreneurs. These people have changed the face of digital business in a way that people can easily become self-learning from the place they are at.

One of the commonly used e-commerce clone scripts is Fancy clone. This helps you run an e-commerce business for the fashion industry. 

Fancy makes an annual revenue of $ 6.4 million just by selling fashion goods. Think if you can add more products and categories to your fancy clone. This could be more rewarding if you can use this to build a business.

So, what can you do to get a Fancy clone script and the things you should know about it?

We, Trioangle Technologies, are leading constructors and developers of clone scripts that are easy to use.

Let’s dive deep into the details and features that our fancy clone will profit you. Before knowing about these features you should know about the benefits of purchasing a Fancy clone from us. They are;

  • Free app submissions
  • Free server installations
  • Free bug support
  • On-time support
  • 100% source code
  • Available on both android and iOs
  • Free technical support
  • Free white labeling
  • Support after app rejection

About our Fancy Clone Script:

The Fancy clone script has three main sides or faces that you should be aware of. And they are;

  • Admin panel
  • Merchant panel
  • User panel

These three panels form the entire shopping business for you and now let’s discuss in detail their features for you.

  • Admin panel: 

The admin panel is the primary and foremost face the owner is going to use. This panel has a variety of features that you can access to control your page and app. Let’s see them in detail

  • Dashboard

The dashboard gives you an overview of all the performance happening within the application. The admin uses these performance values to identify if there are any problems in the sales of products. This view gives you information about total users, total merchant users, total products, total orders, and today’s performance of the above-mentioned parameters.

  • Manage products

This feature helps the admin to add his\her products to the database.  The merchant can either add his products from his dashboard or can request the admin to add the product.

  • Manage fee

When a sale is made through a third party a fee has to be paid to the admin for providing the service. This is the page that the admin uses to determine the service fee and the merchant fee for the service. This is useful because usually, the merchant comes into contact with the admin to determine this. But, you can predetermine the fee through this.

  • Manage return policy

This feature allows the admin to create return policies for the merchant to make it available for his\her product. In case of an addition to the return policy, merchants can request the option to the admin and add a new policy.

  • Product reports

This report gives the admin all the details he needs from the product’s performance. The admin can view the product ordered by whom and by which user.

  • Merchant Panel:

This panel is the interface the merchant can use to access all the details and performance of his\her products. Let us take a detailed dive into the features available in this panel of the Fancy clone script.

  • Dashboard

The dashboard acts as the face that gives all the information required to understand the performance and the moving of the products as a merchant. It provides information about your store activity. An insights option will be available in the dashboard that shows you the sales, orders, and views of your store. product.

  • Products

The merchant can access this option and can perform 2 different options namely; add products and all product options. You can use these options to view all the products that you have listed out and can add new products if you need to.

  • Orders

This feature gives two options that can give you a detailed report on order management and returns management.

In managing orders you can control and view the products that are being ordered. You can take action to approve the order and can also view the order and print the order for future purposes.

The returns management options help the merchant to deal with all the orders that are requested for return. And on approval from him\her, the return flow will initiate.

  • Insights

This gives the merchant all the performance details about the products and the store. You can use it to get a graphical view of the clicks, likes, orders, and sales done. You can also download the report in jpeg, pdf, png, This feature helps the merchant to increase performance and identify the areas to focus on.

  • User panel

The user panel or the app acts as the face for the business to operate. The customers come into the app and view a product and make a purchase if the product satisfies their needs. Let’s see the features in this panel.

  • Multiple logins

The user can use multiple methods to log in like Google, Facebook, and Apple credentials for a sign-in \ sign-up. This has been made available because the platform they use shouldn’t be a barrier.

  • Social media sharing

The user can share any product or seller on any social media platform. This gives the admin and the merchant sales opportunities through word of mouth. The script has also given an option to like the products.

  • Easy payment gateways

The user can easily complete payments using the payment methods that are made available by the user. The payment methods can only be added by the admin or the merchant for their products.

  • Shopping Cart

A well-built cart has been embedded with the application and this allows the users to easily view and purchase the products. Users can easily delete the products from viewing the cart.

  • Easy return and cancel

This is one of the major issues any e-commerce business faces. So we have made it easy for you to access these options. The cancel option will work until the product reaches the customer. The return option will work once the product has reached the customer. 

These are the main and key features of our Fancy clone script. I hope that you have an idea about how the script works now. 

Are you intrigued to try Fancy Clone?

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