eCommerce has become the best business type in the last decade since it started dominating.

They have not only made people adopt them but also changed their purchase behavior.

This has made a big impact on the business world and many people started using their own scripts.

And one among those eBay clone has a dominating performance in the market.

eBay clone has been designed and developed with many advanced features that allow you to easily run and manage the business

So let me point out the 5 ways eBay clone can improve your business.

  • Multiple payment options

With the best and most suitable payment options half, the burden of running a store reduces. This clone comes with the best multiple payment options to make easy payments.

Many businesses have this issue and close more sales and customers over a period of time due to this factor. So the best payment system and similar options to make payments help your customers to make payments in an instant.

  • Best Product templates

This clone comes with the best product template to highlight your product page for the customers.

You can make it as attractive as possible with the templates provided. This is because the product page is the face of the product and it has to be optimized as much as possible.

Our templates are built with the best size and quality in mind to make your page look more spell for your customers to make a purchase.

  • Mobile responsive website

The best and most common platform used in recent times is the mobile platform and many businesses became obsolete when they didnt not adapt to the factor.

So we have made a very agile mobile responsive site for customers to access without any restrictions or issues. The website can be assessed from any region and part of the country you run your business. 

  • Real-time data tracking

Data plays a major role in running a successful business and ebay clone script has the best data tracking system in the market.

The insights from the data will give you a head-on lead to make new changes and implement new strategies before there is even an impact. 

  • Easy onboarding options

Last but not least is the easiest way to let people on board your website. This is where we have made an eBay clone with the easiest and most common onboarding options.

Your customer can join your community and business using google, apple, and Facebook credentials to get on board the business. They can right away set up new data for their account or use their existing credentials for the account.

These are the 5 ways eBay clone can make your business better. So let me explain some features in detail for you to get a better understanding of the eBay clone.


Gives an overview of the performance of the products, orders, product category, and other merchant metrics to identify the performance of products and where to focus on and implement new strategies to boost product sales.

Manage Products

This feature has the control over adding new products, view of all the products in the app, inhouse products (the products the admin owns), merchant products, bulk import, bulk export, and product reviews. Admin can determine the products that he\she wants and has selected for the business or can even add new ones in case he\ she needs one.

Multiple registration options

This gives the user a variety of options they can use to sign up for the platform. They can use platforms like Google, Facebook, and Apple login options.

Manage Payment Gateway
Helps set up the payment gateways through which the user can make payments for their purchases and the merchants can also receive their payments. Admin has access to all payments done and can add any account or method of payment he\she wants.

Manage Merchant
eBay Clone script Helps the admin control the list of merchants in the application and also other merchant features like payouts, payout requests, merchant commission, and merchant verification form. This helps the admin to make payments for the merchants and get the required commission for the product.

Product Reviews
Reviews and ratings given by the user can be viewed through this. Merchants can view the product’s reviews and ratings and can also make the appropriate decision for increasing the product’s performance or deleting the product from the list.

These are just some features that will help you run your business easily. 

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