Swiggy is one of the fastest growing food delivering company in India. They retained their number 1 position in India ahead of Zomato and Ubereats. There’s been talk about Swiggy acquiring Ubereats for some time.

Many entrepreneurs and startups are looking forward and build their business around food delivery. Here are some of the reasons why you should invest in Swiggy Clone.

Features Of Swiggy:

The features of Swiggy makes them one of the most successful apps in the industry. Here are some key features of Swiggy.

  • Delivery Coverage: Swiggy is known for its long-distance delivery. They cover a lot more restaurant and, thus the user can order various restaurants nearby their locality.
  • Live Tracking: The user can track the movement of the driver in their mobile app. They can even call out the driver to support them to reach their location.
  • Offers: Swiggy provides you with the best offers and coupons to its user. They also provide a subscription plan to their users as well as they run loyalty programs.
  • Payments: Using a Swiggy app, the user can pay for their order by net banking, credit card, debit card or by the wallet. COD is also available for the user to support with their payment.

Demand For Food Delivery:

Online food delivery is growing day by day. From a recent report, 36% of internet users tried food delivery apps at least once. Thus there is a large market for the food delivery industry. Most of the millennials depend on the food delivery service for their food.  Many restaurants also depend on orders from food delivery apps to run their business.

Market Reach:

Many big food delivering companies are available in the market. But have they ever reached their potential market, The latest report says that there is a lot of potential markets to cover in the industry. This void creates lots of opportunities for newcomers to launch their business.

Earning Opportunities:

The most important thing for any entrepreneurs or food delivery startups is their earning. Here are some key earning opportunities.

Commission Charge: The commission fee is charged for a restaurant by food delivery apps for delivering their food and listing in their app. The average commission is estimated around 30% of the order amount.

Delivery Charge: The delivery fee is charged to the user for delivering the food by food delivery apps. The average delivery fee ranges 14% of order amount.

Surcharge: The fee charged to the user during peak times and rainy days. This additional fee ranges from 5% of the order amount.

Advertisement: Many food delivery apps charge restaurant for placing them in promoted placements. They can also show ads in their app and websites.

Future Of Food Delivery:

Many believe that food will be delivered in automated cars, drones and robots in the future. Many big companies are investing in food technology for its development and potential.

Investing in food delivery apps like Swiggy cloneZomato clone or Ubereats clone script is an investment for the future. Thus any entrepreneurs or startups buying the best food delivery app will be successful.

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