The eCommerce business has already changed the face of the business world.

It has transformed customers into online shoppers already. Also, it doesn’t stop here. This also makes them loyal customers who make a lot of other purchases. 

This is because of the ease to perform shopping that the eCommerce business provides to the customers. And, it is only possible with the help of the added features.

If you are an entrepreneur looking to build and manage your own online eCommerce business, a Fancy clone script will be a suitable option to perform operations and generate revenue.

A fancy clone is preferred because it has a variety of features that will make you easily control all aspects of the eCommerce business.

In this blog, you are about to learn the 5 enticing features that can generate you profits of a billionaire. 

This is because Fancy is performing at a high pace and generating revenue of around 6.9 million USD from only selling fashion products and accessories. 

What if you can add more categories of products into the same fancy and expand your business without any restrictions to generate more profit than your competitors.

Users can directly come into contact with all the merchants and can easily share a product or store.

So, let’s dive deep into the 5 most ravishing features.

5 Features that are going to generate profit:

1. Dashboard

The dashboard is the main face of the admin and merchant. Through this, they can easily see the performance of all the metrics like sales, products movement, etc.  

This gives them a brief of the performance.  Using this, you can easily do the necessary changes required to push and promote the sales of your brand or other products wherever.

2. Product Category Management

This feature is a very important feature that lets you add or delete products. The selection of products is going to change the pace of how your business runs and where you need to focus.

In case of an expansion, you should be able to add newer products and offers depending on the trend of your business performance.

3. Merchant Insights

The merchant should know about the granular level performances that are happening for his products, in particular, to come up with new strategies and deals to impress the audience.

These insights play a major role in maintaining performances and making the right changes at the right time.

4. Follow sellers\ users\ stores

Users can able to follow stores regarding any updates related to the new trends via alerts. Pushed notifications of their new releases and latest collections to make an impulse purchase by the customers.

This also helps the merchant to identify the customer’s needs and act accordingly.

5. Social media sharing

Users should be able to share their favorite products with others and also on social media platforms for their preferences. 

This also helps as a free promotion or word of mouth for the merchants to boost the sales of their products easily. 

We Trioangle Technologies have developed a Fancy clone – Spiffy based on the 5 main profit-generating features.

Let me give you a brief about some of the features to give you a clear understanding of why our fancy clone stands apart from other fancy clone scripts.

Since this script has been built in the form of a social multi-vendor platform, you can follow other users, stores, and sellers to see regular updates of their product list.

Simplified Dashboard

The dashboard acts as the face that gives all the information required to understand the performance and the moving of the products as a merchant. It provides information about your store activity. An insights option will be available in the dashboard that shows you the sales, orders, and views of your store’s product.

Categorical-Based Product Listings

This feature enables the admin to add or delete categories to the product list. New categories can easily be added and merchants can add their products through this. This feature helps the admin in case of an expansion.

Report Management

This gives the merchant all the performance details about the products and the store. You can use it to get a graphical view of the clicks, likes, orders, and sales done. You can also download the report in jpeg, pdf, png, This feature helps the merchant to increase performance and identify the areas to focus on.

Social Media Integration

The user can share any product or seller on any social media platform. This gives the admin and the merchant sales opportunities through word of mouth. The script has also given an option to like the products.

These features have been included in our Fancy clone script to help you easily manage and run your own social multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace.

These features would have given you an idea about the features in our fancy clone script Spiffy and I hope you would like to try how it works. So, for more details contact;

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