The eCommerce business has become a popular method of shopping and is gaining more valuable and loyal customers through its service.

Henceforth, generating more revenue than any other retail store on a real-time scale.

People have started moving towards starting their own multi-vendor marketplaces like Flipkart clone and others.

These marketplaces can be developed by an individual using different platforms or else you can choose a technology provider to do the work done for you.

Flipkart clone is ruling a part of the eCommerce clone scripts and has proved to be more profit-generating.

So, let’s look at the 5 doubts or questions that you should be clear about the Flipkart clone script.

1. Is it profitable to use a Flipkart Clone?

Yes, it is definitely profitable to use the Flipkart clone because it has a very robust shopping cart and easily connectable login and payments. This makes it very easy for the customers to purchase and make payments which are going to give you a good profit gain.

2. Is the Flipkart clone reliable?

Yes, it is reliable and can easily run and manage your business using the Flipkart clone. It comes with a variety of features that allows you to monitor your performance.

And by selecting the right technology partner with the right benefit schemes it is reliable to use the Flipkart clone. 

3. How can I run my business with less workforce using a Flipkart clone?

You as a business owner using Flipkart clone mainly deals with handling the right workforce. But you don’t need more than 2 main resources for running your business and they are the Logistics and Delivery partners.

All other operations and actions can be done by you without any outside interference and you can also assign people with roles to manage and run your business easily.

4. How can I manage so many merchants and users?

It is easy to manage so many merchants with features like managing merchants and users.

This feature in the Flipkart clone allows you to view and handle all the merchants from your dashboard that gives you data about the products and categories the merchant has added to the store. And also the user data to identify the sales completions and resultant status for other purchases yet to be done.

5. How can I manage all the payments done?

The Flipkart clone comes with an easy, advanced and secure payment system that allows you as the admin to add or delete andy payment methods easily without any issues.

This also allows the user to make payments without any trouble or issues.

These are the main 5 doubts about using the Flipkart clone script.

And we at Trioangle Technologies are leading developers of on-demand eCommerce scripts and our Flipkart clone is built upon these common doubts that I have addressed.

It also comes with a lot of benefits for the admin who runs the business.

Let me explain some features related to the doubts and describe the features use.

Manage Merchant
Helps the admin to control the list of merchants in the application and also other merchant features like payouts, payout requests, merchant commission, and merchant verification form. This helps the admin to make payments for the merchants and get the required commission for the product.


Gives an overview of the performance of the products, orders, product category, and other merchant metrics to identify the performance of products and where to focus on and implement new strategies to boost product sales.

Manage Products

This feature has the control over adding new products, view of all the products in the app, inhouse products (the products the admin owns), merchant products, bulk import, bulk export, and product reviews. Admin can determine the products that he\she wants and has selected for the business or can even add new ones in case he\ she needs one.

The orders received by the merchant along with the payment status can also filter the order list by payment status, delivery status, and order code. You can make some products that are not moving properly to be more visible and push for the purchase


Using the buy option, the user can purchase the product that they prefer with different payment options available in the script. With different payment options, the user can easily complete the transactions through different mediums if required.

These are only some of the features to give you an idea about our Flipkart Clone Script.

There are many more features that you can easily try with our demon.

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