Let’s start with a question. 

How many days could you stay happy in a monthly salaried job? 

If you think this often means, your mind probes to become an entrepreneur. Though it may seem like a risky opinion, entrepreneurship is a terrible idea to shine as a millionaire soon, if you have a potential business idea and well-conceived strategies. 

Just look at the top firms like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Netflix which are equipping the world now, but in the beginning, they were also small startups. Especially, in the eCommerce sector, Amazon clone is playing a sovereign role to the people, which is not dominated by any other streams. 

I won’t tell you to be the tight competitor for Amazon instantly, definitely, it could take more time to achieve, already Alibaba runs to win over Amazon. 

My suggestion is for you to take a startup and initially get success in your location by competing with the small competitors and run to return huge profits from your ROI.

Let’s dive into the blog.

1. Own A Defined eCommerce Business Model

“Startups don’t fail because they lack a product, they fail because they lack customers and a profitable business model-Steve Blank”

The success of your eCommerce business is primarily based on the business model that you possess. Bring up a diverse model with many moving parts, not just one or two. Look at Amazon, they started their business as an online marketplace for books, and they have developed this concept for all products, and results now, all products and materials are available in it.

This is to their structured business model. Let’s develop your eCommerce site to be the aggregator for all types of retailers, and hold a warehouse for stocking the products in the order from the retailers or manufacturers. 

The below-listed questions will furnish your business model canvas to keep your business development functionalities in dynamic ways.  

Who are your key partners?

  • Merchandise suppliers
  • Delivery providers

What would be your key activities?

  • A robust technical setup such as eCommerce website and app development. 
  • Inventory management
  • Importing the value propositions

What are the main Value Propositions of your eCommerce website?

  • Low price
  • Fast delivery
  • Large product choices

How is your customer relationship should be?

  • Personalized recommendations over social media platforms.
  • 24*7 customer support for solving consumer queries. 
  • Keep serving affordable prices in comparison to your competitors and providing convenient shopping to the users. 
  • Work on a review and comment system, to fulfill your customer needs. 

What are the customer segments your eCommerce business should focus on?

Targeting all people is a time-consuming thing. Where not all people would become your customers. So, hold a segmentation to achieve the targeted customers, such as, 

  • Location-based customer segments like by age, and gender. 
  • Demographic segmentation by the lifestyle and occupation of the consumers(personal information).
  • Based on engagement

Cost Structure of an eCommerce marketplace

  • Divide your cost structure percentage with the below lists
  • Product inventory costs
  • Costs for technology and content costs
  • Costs incurred for marketing and promotions
  • Fulfillment and GA costs

The above is the primary business model canvas of your eCommerce marketplace business. In this, you should curiously concentrate on the software updates, and trendy and pro features that will seriously get reflected in the revenue model.

2. Make A Vision And Mission For Your eCommerce Business Model

Describing the vision and mission goals for your business is essential to make your startup a lucrative one.  For a crystal clear view, just look at the vision statement of Amazon in 2008.

“Continuously focusing on the customer experience by giving low prices, more shopping convenience to the users, fast delivery and a wide range of merchandise.” 

Their mission statement has been valuably concentrated and is now named the “Earth’s most customer-centric company”. 

So, like Amazon, make your vision more customer-centric and make the customers highly enjoyable while using your shopping website.  Here are some of the key decisions to improve your business vision. 

  • Create your eCommerce marketplace as a better place to shop by giving easy-to-use functionalities to the users via features, UI designs, fast delivery, low cost, etc.
  • Fetch the feedback and review section on your website or app and set an admin panel for listening to the customer’s queries, they can be a seller or end-users. Give a solution to your eCommerce shop users.
  • Build free shipping policies on every expensive purchase. 
  • Do frequent research analysis to understand the audience’s pain points and the new trends. 

Let you build all the above keys more strongly and thus make your eCommerce marketplace customer-centric vision highly robust. 

3. Ensure Your Marketing Technique Is Flowing With  Robust Strategies

When it comes to marketing, nowadays internet-based promotions are playing a large role in the industry. Your right way of marketing and promotions to the right consumers will show you the user best results in increasing the orders as well as the ROI. 

Here are some of the effective marketing strategies held by Amazon for the eCommerce marketplace,

Data-Driven Approach

A data-driven approach is nothing but, analysis and research about your consumers by the data resource. From this, you can quickly learn about your consumer’s shopping habits. Through this research of consumers from their history and experience, you can discover when and why your consumers are buying products from your marketplace. This strategy will assist you to find the targeted audiences and the targeted market in a better way. 

Customer-Centric Activity By Personalized Suggestions

Almost, your vision is to be a customer-centric eCommerce company. Let you attain it by possessing a robust algorithm for the user’s personalization, based on the user’s history, previous purchases, and search queries. Connect your marketing promotions with social media platforms, while a customer searches for a particular product, it can resemble their suggestion on Instagram or Facebook within a certain period.

And a report also says that these personalized suggestions for the users have more clicks and built a 40% purchase experience for the users. 

Connecting To The Digital Channels

Make your marketing strategies highly rely on utilizing digital channels to attract a large number of net surfers. Amazon-like apps are focusing on the following digital channels to reach their end consumers. They are sponsored search, email campaigns, sponsored search, and more. This will help to improve your shopping sales while in the holiday, celebration sales, offering new arrivals, discounts, etc. 

The above are some of the significant marketing strategies that you should concern about more. Other than this, you can process associate and sponsorship affiliate programs to reach a larger number of consumers. 

4. Keep An Eye With Your Competitors

Running a step forward and making your eCommerce marketplace stand away from the crowd is merely based on the analysis of your competitors. Focus on the implementation of new technological trends in the form of the future and the cost leadership would help you to stand alone. 

As a retailer marketplace, you can succeed by the combined economic scale, introduction of new business products and features will make your eCommerce site brand unique and give constant business diversification. 

And also improving the customer experience and giving loyalty schemes will also enhance your eCommerce marketplace credit terms and maintain your customer engagement with your amazons like app or website. 

5. Own A Engaging eCommerce Marketplace Software Like Amazon

The foremost important thing is to innovate scalable and flexible software to adopt all those immense functionalities that should give more user engagement to your Amazon-like shopping app. Here are some of the significance of easily building the platform without any rigorous knowledge in coding. 

Have a website and mobile app development company and ask them to create or buy an easy-to-launch Amazon software. You should look at the below points to incorporate with your shopping app, which will provide a hassle-free interface. 

Rather than the must-have features like signup verification, payment integrations, search and filters, there are many key configurations for you to look at while the eCommerce site development. Some of them are, 

Multiple Store Creation

Allow your sellers to open more than 1 store for different products on your platform. To say it clearly, one seller can make a store for jewelry. Admin panel will set a limit on the store formation for the merchants to create. 

Expense Configuration

Configuring expenses with taxation is more important in online retailing. So, make your software give the taxation plans that combine the seller’s tax rules based on their residing and selling locations. 

Transportation Configuration

Fast shipping and speed delivery are the most crucial ones, which customers expect a lot. Creating a separate configuration for the transportation supplier helps to keep track of the products to the customers, by each update given by the delivery partners and by the product suppliers. 

Various Attributes

There are numerous attributes to look at in the eCommerce software product. Stock management is important for the seller team to update the available stock product on the website. This will help to avoid unwanted errors in product orders. And other is the least and maximum order quantity to set the maximum and minimum limit for buying in every order. 

Let’s make your eCommerce marketplace website or app in a feature-rich way with bug-free software that should enhance the user’s seamless experience. 


Entrepreneurship will only take you to the next stage of life, this blog will enrich your knowledge in developing the Amazon clone-like eCommerce marketplace. So, don’t delay to launch an eCommerce app and site, launch it immediately by connecting the robust app development team to get the best software development services in an affordable way and make your business to be highly prosperous.