Due to the advancements in technology and the internet, more and more people are using different types of mobile apps. The days of hailing taxis with your hand are departed. It is troublesome to be waiting for a taxi for such a long time. To contravene globalization, we have consolidated new technical advancements. These days, smartphones have facilitated your taxi business by allowing you to build on-demand taxi booking apps.

Obtaining an on-demand taxi business is not just about the business models and the profit system. It’s regarding giving the users what they want to grow and strengthen your business. 

Using the right kind of features and functionalities for your taxi booking script and consistently updating them as per the changing needs of the customers will keep your taxi business running more smoothly. 

In this blog, you will be looking at the top exclusive features of taxi booking apps like Uber that you should consider to meet the market standards and expectations. Let’s jump right in to know more!

Key Features Of The Taxi Booking App That You Should Be Aware Of

There are three kinds of people to be satisfied with the on-demand taxi booking script platform – the riders, drivers, and admin. All these features are important to flawlessly run your business.

1. Rider Panel Features

An on-demand taxi booking app that lets the riders have full control and experience the best. All the features of this vehicle booking system are free and secure.

Fare Estimation:-

The riders can view the estimated fare after entering the pickup and drop-off location. This will help them to choose the cost-effective vehicle in the available category.

With this option, the riders can choose their vehicle based on their budget. And after the ride is complete, automatically it generates a detailed fare breakdown in the bill. 

Seamless Payment:-

The taxi booking script encourages the cashless payment method. The riders can pay for their ride by using the wallet option. If the wallet drains its money, the rider can top-up the wallet by using their credit card or debit card information. 

In-app Chatting:-

Under the security roof without sharing the phone number both the drivers and riders can communicate between themselves with this chat option. 

Once the rider makes the booking, they can receive information about the driver including the driver’s name, vehicle number, and a chat box icon. The riders can click the chat box icon to communicate with the driver. 

Ride Scheduling:-

Options like ride now and ride later are available for the riders to book their ride. With this option, the rider has to book the ride instantly or schedule the ride by giving a particular date and time based on their convenience.  

With this option, the driver will also be triggered out by the request and the cab gets booked. 

SOS Assistance:-

SoS helps to overcome the negative things happening in emergency situations. The riders can add their emergency contact number in their app. The contact information includes 911 and the rider’s emergency contacts.

If any emergency situation occurs, an SMS will be sent automatically to the SOS contacts with the vehicle number and current location. 

Real-time Tracking:-

The most important rider feature is real-time tracking, allowing riders to view the vehicles nearby and track the exact location of their ride using the GPS system. It will increase the rider’s confinement and the productivity of your business efficiently. 

Feedback & Review:-

Using the feedback portal, the rider can rate the driver according to their performance and can provide open feedback on their personal experience. 

This feedback and reviews will help the business owner to validate the driver’s effectiveness and also find their business’s shortcomings and strengths. 

2. Driver Panel Features

A pool of the features inculcated in this online ride-hailing app driver panel helps the driver to have a seamless driving and customer-friendly experience.  

Dynamic Routing:-

In an on-demand taxi booking script, the dynamic routing feature incorporates the GPS system. That helps the drivers to reach the exact location of customers’ pick-up and drop-off point without any trouble.  

New Ride Request Alerts:-

The drivers will get notifications and info about new ride bookings on their ride pickup apps like Uber. The driver can accept or decline the ride as per their availability and suitability. 

Automatic Ride Shifting Tool:-

The drivers have 15-30 seconds timing to accept or decline the incoming cab request according to their availability. They can view the details about the distance between their current location and the customer’s pickup location. 

If the driver can’t accept the request in a restricted period of time, then the request automatically passes to another nearby driver. 

Work Performance Graph:-

The drivers should get insight into their total trips, overall performance, reviews, and ratings which are given by the customers on the app’s dashboard so that they stay motivated and work hard to improve their services.  

Availability Status:-

The drivers can set their availability status using the online/ offline toggle option. The status update tool helps the app algorithm to know whether the driver is available to accept the ride or not. 

3. Admin Panel Features

The process of usage and control of the both rider and driver panel of the taxi booking script can be handled through the Admin panel. The Admin panel is supposed to be the strong backbone of the taxi booking app. The admin panel features are,


The geofencing feature helps admins to manage their on-demand taxi business within a particular location. The admin can mark the region on the map in which the platform will work. The admin can likewise set ride fares based on these locations.

Sub-Admins Management:-

The work of the admin can be made simple by assigning the responsibilities to the sub-admins. With this feature, the admins can dispense roles and responsibilities for the sub-admins.


The auto payout feature of the on-demand taxi booking script has made it simple for admins to manage the financial aspect of the business more effectively. Automatic earnings distribution happens to utilize the auto-payout feature.

Users and Booking Management:-

The admin can manage the users (both riders and the drivers) and also the bookings made by the riders. This process guarantees that genuine people enter the platform and use it efficiently. 

Users and booking management features also help the admin to supervise the complete ride details and earnings management.


In the future, online ride-hailing system is going to rule all over the world. The features of the three stakeholders are listed in this blog for you to make more clear about the in-depth process of the on-demand Taxi App Solution.

It’s time to develop a taxi booking application for running a smooth business using advanced technologies that meet certain requirements to be the best in the market.