People used text messages for communication through mobile SMS packs which charged extra for customers when the character limit exceeded before the emergence of the instant messaging era. Whatsapp is a messaging application that is used all around the world.

Whatsapp is a social media messaging application that allows millions of users to text, voice message, voice calls, video calls, and share images. As Whatsapp Clone provides these features, it has become a familiar one and attracts several entrepreneurs and business people to create a Whatsapp clone.

In this blog, we are going to know the features of the Whatsapp clone app which helps interaction between users. To develop your own online messaging application in a short time period, a clone script will be a perfect choice. Some of the features are discussed below.

Trioangle provides you Whatsapp Clone App with the below-mentioned features that will make contact between the users easy and simple.

Private chat:

The users can interact with others in the personalized chat with this feature quickly and easily. The user can not only send a text message but also can send and receive images, documents, videos, and PDF.

No Texting Limit:

The users can text friends and family members without any limit. This helps the user to maintain contact with the customers without any charges.

Share Files:

The share files feature allows the user to share photos, videos, docs, location, and contacts. The images and video can be taken from the gallery or else can record video and photos through the application and share. The quality of photos can be selected before sharing with others to maintain data consumption.

Group Chat:

The users can interact with a group of people in the group chat by creating a group in which the admin has the access to join people in the group and kick out users from the group. There can also be multiple admins in the group. The group chat allows a bunch of people to interact in the group which will be viewed by all the members of the group.

Advanced Search:

The advanced search option helps the user to search contacts with whom they want to chat. By clicking the contact or search option we can see the files shared between us. This also shows the common groups in which both are participants.

Privacy Settings:

The user can click the disable last seen so that he cannot show others about the last seen. The user can also set the privacy option for viewing his profile picture to only the contacts, everyone, or no one. This helps the user to have a private account.

Muting Conversation:

When a user receives a message, the user will be getting notification through a notification tone. The user can mute a specific conversation by clicking the mute option and the time period of mute conversation can be set, after the time it will automatically get unmuted.

Audio Calls and Video Calls:

This Audio call feature helps the user to save money as we can make calls all around the world, free of cost. The audio call makes use of the mobile data or Wi-Fi connection to the contacts that are saved in the mobile. The video call feature enables the users to connect to their friends virtually and it is applicable all over the world but the basic requirement for good quality video is high-speed internet. The user can speak only to the contacts that are saved on the mobile.


The blocking feature enables the customer to block unwanted messages from unknown people, this helps the user to feel safe and avoid unnecessary messages. There is an unblock option that allows the user to remove people from the block.

Multiple Platforms:

The Whatsapp Clone should be able to reach all people widely. The application must be available on both platforms, Trioangle develops applications that support both iOS and Android.


In this competitive world, we have to stay ahead of our customers in means of technology and service. If you want to compete with your competitors, you should choose the best Whatsapp clone script with unique features. 

Trioangle provides the best Whatsapp Clone with all the beneficiary features as mentioned in the blog, which will make you the best in the market for sure. We customize the application as per the needs of entrepreneurs and deliver on time.

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